The Seventh Priest
The Seventh Priest

Two Angels Leave at Sunrise

What happens when people do things they shouldn’t—things so horrible that they are left racked with guilt and longing for redemption?

Jules Bailey, a Christian witch working for the U.S. Department of State, is going to find out in Dragon Bones, the latest paranormal thriller from the pen of D.A. Winstead. Jules is the first character to reappear in one of Winstead’s novels from a previous book. In Wiggle Rooms, Jules helped U.S. diplomat Ted Schwen solve the mystery of what happened to his son who disappeared in Latvia. Now Jules is working in the American embassy in Croatia when the ambassador there sends her on a mission to the old medieval town of Dubrovnik to aid a U.S. senator and his wife in trying to save their daughter Rachel.

Against a background of the lingering events of the breakup of Yugoslavia and the resulting wars of twenty years earlier, Dragon Bones explores the need for redemption. An old man involved in horrendous deeds associated with the wars of twenty years earlier awaits death, while others like Rachel unexplainably enter an ancient church long since closed by the Catholic Church, and they refuse to leave. Jules arrives on the scene to befriend a handsome young priest. When Father Tomas takes her to a site in the mountains where a dragon reputedly crashed into a cliff and died, he then tells her that the dragon’s bones are hidden inside the church.

Jules begins to see the pieces coming together to reveal a mystery that will only make sense to people of faith, but sadly, the Vatican has members who want to control people’s faith, deciding what should and should not be known. The reader will continue guessing–can Jules and Father Tomas help the penitents within the church, or will organized religion once again try to control people’s faith?